How do I choose the best resin flooring system for my business?

Resin flooring is confusing.  Getting it wrong would be a costly mistake for your business. 

Here are some important considerations and questions to ask your resin flooring experts.

Resin flooring comes in different forms including Polyurethane (PU), Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Epoxy.  All are much more hygienic and durable than concrete floors but their differences can provide important advantages or disadvantages, depending on their use. 

An experienced industrial resin flooring company will understand each of the systems and will understand the importance of getting the recipe exactly right for your business needs within your industry.   

Can anyone design and install a resin flooring system?

Getting the specification right is as important as the installation itself.   Technical experts and skilled and proficient floor layers make a winning team.   From floor surveys and testing to design and detailing, the right team will manage the entire process for you. 

Will installing the floor disrupt my business operations?

A good team will work to a schedule that suits your operations, whether that is weekdays or weekends, days or nights, or during your shutdown periods.  Many resin flooring systems are quick curing meaning minimal downtime for you. 

Are resin floors toxic?

Cured resin is non-toxic.  Once the curing process has finished, the resin floor is completely safe for both humans and animals.  

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are found in many everyday products as they are in some resin flooring products, but at very low levels.  These VOCs result in the strong odour you might smell when the resin is being mixed and applied. 

A professional resin flooring companies will ensure their team adhere to strict safety standards and use suitable PPE. 

How long will a resin floor last?

If installed correctly and maintained well, we would expect your resin floor to last approximately 10 years.   By working with knowledgeable resin flooring installers you will have confidence in their understanding of the chemical processes of the products they suggest, their installation and their advice on after-care.

Resin floors are tough and durable and can withstand varying degrees of heavy footfall, vehicular traffic and machinery.  An experienced resin flooring contractor will do a thorough survey of your organisation and provide you with a tailored solution specific to your needs. 

Maintaining your resin floor will extend its lifespan.  Valuable advice on cleaning and maintaining resin floors can be found here

Is resin floor worth the money?

Resin floors are hard to damage and will withstand a great deal of wear and tear.  Good quality resin-based commercial and industrial flooring is an investment which will maximise your business’s productivity.  By using the best resin flooring products and the best installers in the industry you will achieve a solution that fits your budget and requirements.  

What do Surface Systems offer?

Surface Systems have over 75 years of industrial resin flooring knowledge and experience.  We work across a wide range of industry sectors from engineering to food and drink manufacturing, hospitals and sports venues, mortuaries and transport.  We offer free, no obligations surveys and will provide you with a full resin flooring solution that meets your business needs.  Our teams are professional and work to very high standards, around the clock, to minimise operation shutdowns.

Call us today on 01803 868680 or email

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