Flowable Polyurethane  

Sherwin Williams – FasTop™ SL23

Sherwin Williams – FasTop SL23 is a 3mm thick, polyurethane cement, self-levelling resin floor system which provides a heavy-duty finish with chemical, hot water and abrasion resistance. 

FasTop SL23 is a food-grade, non-taint and oodourless product with HACCP International certification making it ideal for food and drinks production areas.  It is also suitable for freezer temperatures and incorporates an antimicrobial agent to minimise microbial growth.

Technical Data:


Sherwin Williams – FasTop SL45

FasTop SL45 is a 4-5mm thick polyurethane cement, self-levelling, resin floor system that provides a heavy-duty finish. It is designed to protect concrete, wood and steel substrates from thermal shock, impact, corrosion, mild chemical spills, and abrasion. SL45 is non-taint, odourless and food-grade with HACCP International certification, and it can be applied with a pin rake, screed rake or flat trowel.

It is ideal for freezer temperatures and its antimicrobial agent minimises microbial growth on the installed floor.

Technical Datasheet:


Altro – Altro Crete 2mm or 4mm

Altro – Altro Crete 2mm or 4mm is a slip-resistant variant.  It is a medium-duty flow-applied smooth surface resin with a matt finish. This variant is for food and drink production, packing and storage areas.

Technical Data:


Alto – Flexiflow 2mm, standard, slip-slip resistant, comfort

Altro Flexiflowis a 2mm classic standard variant which combines flexibility with high levels of robustness so is ideal for light-duty industrial premises with rolling loads.

Technical Data:


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