Save your business money with an efficient drainage system

An efficient and fully functioning drainage system can help avoid some of the common causes of damage and save your business time and money on floor maintenance and repairs.  It is vital for maximising hygiene and safety as they allow liquid waste to be quickly removed from the area before germs can begin harbouring.

What do you know about your drainage system?

Drainage channels are devised to channel water and waste along a channel, eliminating the build-up of surface water that sometimes occurs during processes or cleaning. 

They are positioned where water is collected and come in a variety of options suitable for different environments, varying loads, and wheel classes.  

Gratings are positioned level with the floor surface and protect the channel, stopping large objects from falling into the channel and blocking the drain, and these come in a variety of load capacities.

Alongside linear channels, traps or gully pots may be necessary.  These collect waste material and form the outlet to connect to the drainage system.

What about preventing dirt and smells?

Dirt from constant vehicular traffic and footfall will quickly accumulate which means cleaning needs to be straightforward and effective.  Dirty water needs to easily drain away.

A trap will connect to an underground drainage system and stop foul smells and gases from escaping into the air. 

What can Surface Systems offer your business?

Our stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, and pickle passivated 304-grade austenitic stainless steel and for the more aggressive environments 316 grade.  We can supply you with traps, gully pots and resin-filled access covers. 

When you choose a drainage system, weight loads need to be considered.  Has the product been tested to be able to safely hold up certain weights? What is its weight class?

Avoiding the risk of poor performance, damage and personal injury is essential. 

Our experienced team at Surface Systems offer a complete design and installation service, removing your existing drains and installing a new stainless-steel drainage system into your epoxy and polyurethane resin floor, with the aim of preventing flooding and minimizing drainage points. 

Whether it is a brand-new build or an upgrade of an existing production area, we will design and install an unbeatable modular or bespoke floor drainage system for you, ensuring continuity of production in your business.

Our unrivalled expertise and first-class service will ensure you are confidently advised throughout the installation process.

Call Surface Systems today on 01803 868680 or email

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