Environmental Impact of Resin Floors

What do we want? Sustainable flooring! When do we want it? All the time! Have you ever considered the environmental impact of your flooring? For anyone thinking of installing flooring, it seems almost obvious that there will be an environmental consideration, for example, cutting down trees to make floorboards doesn’t seem particularly sustainable after all, […]

It’s All in The Prep Work!

Preparing your floor is the most important part of the process of installing a new floor. Without a prepared base to work on, there’s a good chance that you won’t be happy with the final result, and neither will we. What Do We Need from You? Your part in this process is relatively easy, you […]

What is a Hygienic Flooring System?

Never has the hygiene of a workplace been more important than it is now in 2021. As the world is very slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for workplaces and public spaces to be hygienically aware has gained more of a footing on the international talking stage. If your business operates in an […]

Why choose an epoxy resin floor over concrete?

Are you looking to lay a brand new floor at your place of work, office, warehouse or factory? If so, you’re probably stuck between two choices: polished concrete or epoxy resin.  Which should you choose? The Changing Needs of Your Flooring When choosing to install any flooring, you must consider the wear and tear the […]

Flooring for the Food and Drinks Industry

It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your place of work is clean and hygienic. The floor surface your business opts for will largely depend on what industry you work within. Food and drink flooring, for example, needs to meet certain regulations and standards to ensure hygiene and safety of produce, as well […]