School’s Out!

The end of term is only weeks away.  The long summer holidays are heading our way.  This means an empty school and a great opportunity for you to make sure your floors are in tip-top condition ready for the new term.

In any educational establishment, the quality and design of a floor will have a significant impact on the visual impression of the overall facilities your school or university offers. 

The flooring system that you choose for your buildings can be transformational to the educational environment – dull, uninspiring classrooms will become inspirational learning zones. 

From kitchens to gyms, school halls to canteens, changing rooms to science blocks, a resin floor will give you a long-lasting, hardwearing, easy-to-maintain and aesthetically pleasing floor that will stand the test of time. 

How safe is resin flooring?

Safety is a key consideration.  Once cured, resin floors are 100% safe.

On a practical level, resin flooring is incredibly hygienic thanks to the seamless and impermeable finish it can offer.  Being an easy to clean and maintain, antimicrobial floor, the build-up of bacteria will be minimal.

Footfall is heavy.  The floor needs to be tough.  A slip-resistant floor should ideally be used throughout, but particularly in wet areas and in school kitchens where greasy spillages could be a hazard.

Can resin flooring be inspiring?

The answer to that is yes!  The choice of resin flooring systems available is vast and the wide range of colours and finishes on offer can be designed to complement your vision and allow you to promote the identity of your school or university. 

Promoting a positive experience throughout the buildings can be achieved by using coloured flooring, be it bright or more subtle.  The seamless finish of the floor gives an impression of a smart and clean environment which will hopefully carry through to your students!

How can Surface Systems help?

We have over 22 years of experience in installing resin flooring across a wide range of industries.  We use the best suppliers, we know our products and we have the expertise to come up with a flooring system that will be exactly right for your needs.

The high level of customer service that we pride ourselves on means our customers recommend us and come back to us time and again.

From the initial, no-obligation site survey to installation, completion and aftercare, Surface Systems are the team to work with.

If any of the floors in your educational establishment need repairing or replacing, now is the time to give us a call – 01803 868680 or email

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