We have put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from potential customers, together with the answers from our team of experts.

What is Resin flooring?

Resin flooring is best described as a combination of ingredients which undergo a controlled chemical reaction to create a hardwearing, waterproof and multi-resistant surface.

The resin flooring usually contains epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA), polyurethane (PU) or a combination of these.

How long will it last?

Resin flooring is very durable and depending on the product formulation used, if it is installed by a reputable company and is well maintained, it can last more than 10 years.

Will the resin floor take long to set?

The curing time depends on environmental conditions and the flooring system used.  Our team will make sure you know exactly when you can walk on your floor and when it will be fully cured.

What can damage resin flooring?

Chemicals can damage a resin floor.  It is ESSENTIAL that you choose a resin floor that is compatible with your industry and environment. 

Excessive heat damage.  The structural integrity of resin can be compromised with excessive heat.  Again, it is ESSENTIAL that you choose a resin floor that is compatible with your industry and environment. 

The resin floor should be installed correctly by experienced resin floor layers, and proper cleaning and maintenance will minimise any wear and tear and provide you with the long-lasting resin floor you expect.


Is resin floor suitable for my business?

Resin flooring is an ideal flooring solution for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to manufacturing, automotive to retail and from dairies to breweries. 

The team at Surface Systems have installed resin flooring in a wide range of industries and they have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on exactly the right type of resin flooring your business will need. 

Follow the drop-down Floors by Use on our website to read more about which flooring system will work best for your business

Will I have to shut down operations to have a resin floor installed?

Not necessarily.  We can work around your business.  We can cordon off areas.  We can phase the work.  

How do I know you are the right flooring company for me?

Surface Systems have been operating for over 25 years and have completed well over 400 projects.  We have an established client base that we work with repeatedly on projects and we pride ourselves on our focus on customer service, on tailoring the right flooring system for your business and ensuring we offer our customers an unrivalled aftercare service.

We are proud members of the Resin Flooring Association https://www.ferfa.org.uk/ and accredited by Safe Systems in Procurement (SSIP) https://ssip.org.uk/.

To arrange a no-obligation site visit and survey, contact a member of our experienced team on 01803 868680 or email enquiries@surfacesystems.co.uk

You can find more FAQs and further information about resin flooring here on our website and at


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