Anti-Static Systems

Determining whether flooring needs anti-static properties and choosing the correct anti-static resin floor for your needs can be a complex and overwhelming process. Anti-static flooring helps to dissipate static electricity that is created in some manufacturing processes, creating a safer working environment and preventing damage to products. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the pulse of static […]

Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating is a coating compound consisting of two definitive elements: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener (also known as a catalyst).  Once fully cured, the resulting product is a durable, rigid plastic coating with numerous desirable mechanical properties. This system is applied to suitable concrete floors where the substrate has been thoroughly prepared through […]

Epoxy Screed Systems

Epoxy screed flooring is an effective solution for all sectors of industry, looking for a long-lasting reliable surface, free from rough finishes and dust. Epoxy screed flooring will last for many years and is ideal when a completely level floor that will bond tightly with the existing surface is needed.    Epoxy screed is slip-resistant, helping […]


Polyaspartics are hybrid coatings, offering a more flexible and impact-resistant alternative to traditional epoxy and polyurethane flooring solutions.  Depending on the formulation, these coatings can be applied at low temperatures, often as one coat and they are 100% UV stable and able to tolerate high temperatures.    Sherwin Williams – Elladur SF Elladur ™ SF is […]

MMA Systems

MMA flooring systems are customisable and hard-wearing, resulting in smooth, sleek floors.  Developed using a methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst, the clever chemical structure makes it an ideal flooring system for fast turnaround projects which need to be completed within tight deadlines. Decorative flakes can be applied at a thickness of 3-5mm to match newly installed […]

Joint Materials

As our epoxy resin floors are generally laid on top of existing concrete flooring, we take careful steps to ensure that any existing movement capabilities are maintained. Joint material will reflect the movement of the joints through the finished floor. Sherwin Williams – Epo-Flex VJ Epo-Flex VJ (formerly known as Resujoint V) is a high-performance, flexible, […]

Heavy-Duty Screeds

Heavy-duty screeds offer the highest level of durability to date, generally laid between 6mm and 9mm and with an exception, up to 12mm.  They have a life span of over 10 years in the toughest of environments. Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete UD200 Ucrete UD200 is a unique heavy-duty, polyurethane resin floor with exceptional resistance […]

Flowable Systems

Heavy-duty flowable systems are best suited to heavy industrial environments, in areas that are subject to heavy traffic but are not constantly wet. Sherwin Williams – FasTop SL45 FasTop SL45 is a 4-5mm thick polyurethane cement, self-levelling, resin floor system that provides a heavy-duty finish. It is designed to protect concrete, wood and steel substrates from […]

Flow-Applied Flooring

Flowable floor screeds are manufactured to produce a free-flowing, self-compacting screed, which aims to provide a level surface prior to the application of the floor finish.  Flowing screeds are available in various mixed designs and are used as part of many flooring systems Mapei – Ultratop Mapei Ultratop is a functional, self-levelling cementitious system designed […]

Chemical Resistant Systems

For the more demanding applications where enhanced chemical resistance is required, we offer systems that can be specified for applications other than concrete substrates such as metal, mezzanine floors, bitumen and asphalt. Flowcrete – FlowChem VE (Vinyl Ester) Flowcrete’s range of smooth coatings and linings systems use shrink-free, modified vinyl ester resin to offer an […]